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Unread postby Aurora1984 » 22 Feb 2013 12:52

So did anyone take interest in Sony's announcement, for me as a console gamer this was very interestimg and thus far quite impressed. The titles look good and Sleeping Dogs demo looked amazing. Now being an Xbox guy I am hoping Microsoft can match this but the main question for me is cost.

As Pc guys know to achieve a gaming rig these days realisticly your loking at a starting price of around 800-1,000 big one's the question is can the next gen consoles pack the hardware whilst keeping cost down to a reasonable price?

Whatvis your guys thoughts?

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Re: PS4

Unread postby Topchaz » 24 Feb 2013 21:42

Yup, specs are decent - amd cpu and gfx which are mid range computer specs
can get a good rig for £500 these days.

GFX on ps4 games they demo'd look like ps3 to me but it will take a few years before they get the most out of the hardware - always works that way with console hardware. could be interesting as a living room "media hub" thingy. maybe pick one up if its cheeeep
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Re: PS4

Unread postby Leader Bee » 08 Apr 2013 21:50

I'll only be picking one up if the next "Demons/Dark Souls" is released on it and even then I can't justify buying a launch console for just one game so it will be a good 3 or 4 years 'til I even consider it.

It looks like there may be a second rennaisance in the PC market right now with some of the games being released so i don't think i'm ready to leave it.
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