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Unread postby RAMBO » 25 Mar 2006 17:36

We have had to make it so that only screenshots sent to mailto:screenshots@ukwarfare.co.uk will be added to this section. All Registered users will still be able to reply to posts but will not be able to start a new topic.

If you want to see a screenshot on here then Dark will upload.
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Unread postby DARK_PH0ENIX » 27 Mar 2006 15:54

Just to add....

If you PM me when you have submitted one i'll get it on faster, I get alot of emails and I do sometimes miss the odd one.. sorry :oops:

Also if you can type a short title that would help alot, the more amusing the better.
Not all screenshots will make it onto the website so make sure they are either, funny, different or just weird.

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