Requesting Catkitgirl's Officer status revocation.

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Requesting Catkitgirl's Officer status revocation.

Unread postby TheRealLegohead » 22 Oct 2012 00:40

This character, Catkitgirl, is getting out of hand now, she bought Officer rank today, hoping to get VIPO status and has done nothing but abuse it tbf...

Using Core Inspector, I noticed she had stolen from an confiscation chest, namely 128 glistering melons, which came from a player who was spewing out high end enchanted items, which Dunem then immediately closed the server because of.

She has jailed me twice for giggles, claiming to be "Testing", then she jailed 2 moderators, Wellesleyb1 and Hoper25, and has done nothing but swear and curse at me for telling her off. If I jail her, she can easily unjail herself, so there is no point.

I hate having to write these pain in the a** essays to keep the UKWF spoutcraft community clean and fair, but it needs to be done. I've already stressed about her yesterday in the google officer jail report found at, when I was forced to jail her for killing moderators with a super cape, namely the Ice cape, she is already known to abuse the supercapes against players in safe zones, e.g lightning cape.

I don't feel like babysitting her anymore :D

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