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AAS Server Rule Set

Unread postby smiley » 25 Sep 2009 09:37

The Assault and Secure (AAS) server has different rules from the Insurgency server. Please respect the rules and the admins, all disputes should be taken to the website (http://www.ukwarfare.)

Rules are in Bold followed by a description and where possible in Italics an example is shown.

Do not attack uncap unless AAS Says so-If a Flag is not Cappable by your Team then Do not Attack it, Clearing out is fine, however do not camp at the flag when it is not in play.

Jabal, Mec Are Defending South Bridge, US are defending Dam. It is fine for the US Side to clear out Jabal of enemy Firebases and rally points to stop reinforcements of south bridge, however if it is unlikely they will cap south bridge soon, they should pull back to defend Dam or move south to attack the bridge.
Do not attack ANY runway...this includes Quinlin and Kashan in particular.

Enemy Bases are a No Go area, unless the last flag is cappable. Players seen to be base camping will be warned, kicked and banned if the action does not cease. We have zero tolerance for base rapers.
If the Last flag is in play, please attempt to cap it and end the round, its no fun for the enemy team to have to lose their last 200tickets without a bleed, just by being Spawnraped.
If an enemy is firing out of their main base it is acceptable to fire back, however excessive returning of fire (E.G. Dropping a Jdam on 1 lone sniper) is not tolerated.

Do not insult other players
Don't rise to to unfriendly comments if a player is insulting you ignore him or report him. Try and act maturely on the server and avoid yelling "Your mum sux" in all chat every time you die.

do Not Tk/Force Tk Teamkilling for kits/vehicles etc.This will generally result in an instant ban. If a player annoys you do not teamkill him as this just breeds more teamkilling.
If you are TK'ed try to avoid revenge teamkilling and simply report the offender.
If you force someone to TK you by standing under their vehicle, you may find yourself swiftly removed from the server.

Do not learn how to fly here!Flying is a fun aspect of Project Reality and lots of people want to do it, however if you do not have at least some experience in choppers in the interest of public safety please do not attempt to fly until you've had a few hours training first.
Choppers are vital assests for any team and can help turn the tide of a battle, by flying without the know-how you are hampering your team and ruining everyone else's fun.
Players that waste assests may find themselves removed from the server.

Name your squad after its Job Role etc
In the Intrest of clarity and to help other players and admins alike please name your squad after the role you will be doing.
Taking Tanks? Call yourself Tank Squad
Going Infantry? Call yourself Tac Inf/Eng Voip Etc.
Mechanized Inf? Call yourself Mech Inf
For maps featuring Tanks and Apc's (Kashan/Quinling) Please name yourself either Tank or Apc Squad
For maps featuring Jets call yourself CAS or Jet squad as apposed to F16/Mig Squad.
For Maps featuring Multiple types of Helicopters try and avoid taking both Transport and Attack Helicopters and if possible do not have separate squads for Hueys and Littlebirds etc.

First named squad has priority on said assest
If their is a squad named "Tanks" then they have priority on said assest. Squad named Snipers? Then again they have priority on the sniper kits.

You are out in the field with a sniper kit that you picked up of a corpse, sniper squad asks you to return the assest, should you do so? No.
You are out with an APC and a APC squad is created, they ask you to return the assest, should you do so? No.
You lose your tank in an tank squad and get back to main, you see their is 2 apc's their, but already an apc squad made, should you take the apc? If you get permission from the apc squad to take the Apc then yes, if not then No, remember politeness goes a long way!
You infantry squad gets wiped out and re spawns main, your called "Eng Voip" and notice their is a unused apc at main and no Apc squads, can you take it If their is no apc squad then yes, no one can claim then that you stole the asset.

Locked Squads- Locking Squads and/or kicking players from you squad is down to the squad leader discretion, their are a few situations where you will be asked to open up, such as when you are in a 1 man locked sniper squad, and there's lots of small squads, that players can't join, or when you are in a 1man locked Chopper Squad on a map like Muttrah City. You may be forcefully resigned from your squad if it's seem your position is hindering the game. If you do not unlock your squad you may find yourself being forceably resigned from it.

Do not Solo Vehicles-This means what it says. We have zero tolerance for players who solo Tanks Apc's//Cobras etc. Light Vehicles can be soloed however do not just drive of in a transport truck leaving your Squad behind-We expect teamplay at all times on our server!

No Squad's before 1:30-Do not argue, it does not matter how a squad bug is created, this rule is designed to allow people on low end machines to get a chance at
vehicles etc.

Suicide Tactics/Bunny Hopping/Ramming are not allowed here. Strapping C4 to your Jeep and driving towards enemies then pulling the trigger is not tolerated. Bunny hopping will result in a kick, this is war not ballet!. Finally Ramming with Vehicles , or driving around getting road kills is not what Project reality was made for and will result in a kick, If their is an enemy in front of you keep going, but don't reverse half a dozen times, trying to get him.

This is a War zone not a chat room We don't want to hear what you had for dinner last night or about the fact you hate this map/faction/gun etc, typing up "OMG PWNED N00bs el oh el" in global chat is also unnecessary. If it's not relevant please do not clog up the chat box with unnecessary messages, some of us are trying to read the Intel our team is giving us!

Heaveny father bless us and keep us all alive there's eight of us for dinner but only enough for five
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