Insurgency Server Rule Set

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Insurgency Server Rule Set

Unread postby smiley » 25 Sep 2009 09:29

Please not this applies to the Insurgency server only

Insurgents may operate anywhere on the map. No area of the map is off limits to insurgents.
Baseraping is thus allowed, but excessive baseraping is not encouraged and people may be called to order if things get out of hand.
(For example, insurgents on Fallujah may blow up APCs outside of the base, and shoot/throw explosives at soldiers firing from inside the base, however they should not spam U.S. spawnpoints inside the mainbase with molotov cocktails etc.

Non-insurgent forces may not fire into the mosque/fixed-spawn areas unless in self-defense.

Named squads have priority for assets. For example, 'apache' squad gets apache, 'stryker' squad gets stryker. This does not apply to Insurgent Forces.

Kits are first come first, special Kit's are not considered "Reservable" on the Insurgency server.

n general, please name your squads appropriately, even if you are planning to go infantry.
Trucks/Humvees and kits are all based on a first come first served basis.
However, in the interest of creating a positive teamplay atmosphere on the server, we would encourage you to respect squads and their kits (i.e. HAT, Sniper etc.)

Stealing a kit someone has just requested is not tolerated.

Do not solo Vehicles. One manning vehicles will result in your removal from the server (temporarily or permanently.)

Do not create squads before the new-round timer is at 1:30.Do not argue, it does not matter how a squad bug is created, this rule is designed to allow people on low end machines to get a chance at vehicles etc.

Do not teamkill/force a teamkill. Teamkilling or making someone teamkill you on purpose is not tolerated.

Do not insult other players. Excessive use of bad language/abuse towards other players is not acceptable. Racism will result in instant server removal.

Do not act like an idiot. PR is meant to be fun and players found purposely disrupting the game will be removed.

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