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Black Ops server

Unread postby jul3s » 04 Dec 2010 13:11

Initially came on here to say that I have enjoyed gaming on your server and to say well done as I find it lagg free.

Unfortunately I was on this morning between 10 and 12 only to be with a cheating little toe raPlayer name is VA - Jay - JAy

Steam id is :

he was on asking for a pro clan and then continued to cheat and scoff

Can you check you recodings and arcclient, as this player deserves a full blown bann from the community.

Keep it clean guys and see you on the battlefield
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Re: Black Ops server

Unread postby Subblaze » 04 Dec 2010 14:43

its very much appreciated that you love our server and that you take time to come here and tell about the idiots

i am sure someone from the COD section will deal with this

thank you
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Re: Black Ops server

Unread postby KevinK » 04 Dec 2010 17:14

This problem has been sorted
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